Fitness Challenge

Hi Fit Expo activity: Fitness Challenge

So, what is the latest?

We have evolved our challenge to include so much more than just body transformations.

Anyone can do a diet to lose fat.

We want to influence to change lives – TO HAVE A BETTER YOU.

Our HI Fit Expo Fitness challenge includes more mindset work with more participants, and the results were MIND BLOWING.

  • People’s lives were transformed for the better, reporting help with happiness, self confidence, worthiness, depression, belief, stress and so many more., 


  • Meanwhile, realizing that this day and age, the stress levels, for example the anxiety and depression are becoming way too common, we want to do something about it.


  • Therefore, we have added loads of mindset workshops, for example tools and practices to help you not only change your body, but to live a healthier, moreover a happier, fulfilled life.

In addition, there is more to life than just the way you look!

Let us teach you how to enhance your life in every aspect. Join us for the most amazing experience you have encountered.


Proven training system paired with up to date nutritional guidance to help you achieve your best ever results!

HI Fit Expo: Fitness Challenge Goals

+ Strength
+ Fat Loss
+ Muscle Gain
+ Female Specific
+ Cardio plans
+ Neat programming