Healthy Food

Hi Fit Expo activity: Healthy Food

The concept of healthy eating sounds enticing, experience healthy FOOD at Hawaii’s HI Fit Expo!

Different types of Healthy Food awaits you! Whats your favorite Food?

Little bit of background about Healthy Food

In a way, it kind of seems like a box you can check off every day on your “living well and rocking a responsible adult life” checklist. But “healthy” in the context of food has just ended up being another label and another way to categorize food as great versus bad.

So, what does healthy even mean? Merriam-Webster specifies healthy as:

  • Free from illness or pain, for example, enjoying health and vitality of body, mind, or spirit 
  • Revealing physical, mental, or psychological well-being for example, healthy skin or healthy appetite
  • Flourishing or growing, for example, healthy economy
  • Beneficial to one’s physical, psychological, or emotional state: conducive to health, for example: healthy foods or a healthy lifestyle.

This definition of healthy food is all well and good. It’s practically even inspiring. However, the fact that “healthy” in the context of food is just another label putting external pressure on each person’s food choices.

For instance: You really can’t state a food is healthy because it promotes absence of disease or discomfort. All of our bodies respond to food in a different way.

In addition, some foods have health-enhancing properties but it is totally approximately each person’s body if a food will promote health for them or not.

  • Take salt, for example. We were informed for years that salt isn’t great for us. 
  • The same can be said for taking in gluten-containing foods. If you have celiac disease, getting rid of gluten from your diet plan will be hugely useful for your health and health and wellbeing.

Complete satisfaction plays a big role in your mental and psychological health, too. Get them at the HI FIt Expo!

After all, your health is individualized to you and your needs.

The point is to reveal you that all foods can be conducive to health, even foods that you generally do not associate with healthy eating.

It’s about taking a look at food like puzzle pieces, and understanding how foods suit your life since they make you feel excellent, both physically and mentally, and taste good.

It’s an ebb and flow of mindfully listening to your body without feelings of deprivation.

It fuels you to live your best life physically, psychologically, and emotionally.