October 2, 2022

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Hawaii's Annual Fitness Exhibition at The Blaisdell Arena

Meet & Greet

Hi Fit Expo activity: Meet and Greet

It is simple to get caught up in the online world. Follow your favorite MMA Artist/Star on Social Media here and there.. 

However, we need to keep in mind the value of face-to-face networking to be able to develop more significant collaborations & relationships. That is why HI FIT EXPO is bringing you the MEET AND GREET.

…so you can have your dream come true! To meet your favorite MMA Celebrity Stars!

Why is Meet and Greet Important?

  • A chance to show your personality and get to know your Favorite Star!

When it comes to events, being able to show face can go a long way. When you show up to HI FIT EXPO and have a terrific discussion with the meet and greet star, it can truly help to be kept top of mind for future chances when they understand you more personally. 

  • For many people, meeting their favorite celebrity is an ultimate life goal.

The celeb might be a superstar, or they might be a small band that plays intimate gigs. Either way, when the time comes, you’ll be feeling lots of feelings. 

  •  A chance to take a SELFIE with your fave star & post on your Social Media!

Most of these occasions are frequently established to be super social networks friendly. Indicating that they will have a hashtag set up, areas to take adorable photos of the items, and so on.

  • Meet other Meet and Greet fans

This is likewise a terrific opportunity to meet other meet and greet fans who have similar interests as you do. Having the ability to meet with other people is a terrific way to spend your Weekend afternoon

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