Speed and Agility

Hi Fit Expo activity: Speed and Agility Training

Have you ever try the Speed and Agility training by a PROFESSIONAL? If not, then its your chance! Furthermore, you can enjoy it for free! Firstly, we would like to thank all the people who made HI FIT EXPO every year possible. In short, the partners, sponsors, exhibitors, and most importantly, the spectators… in short, YOU! 

Speed and agility training

This training firstly must be a combination of exercises that enhance explosive speed, agility, coordination and cardiovascular endurance.

Firstly, these workouts make feet move quicker.

Speed and Agility training are excellent for any sport, however specifically beneficial for those who play soccer, football, rugby, beach ball and basketball. Secondly, any athlete who needs to move quickly and do frequent instructions.

Therefore, do this regimen while wearing a weighted vest for a more intense challenge and a significant enhancement in efficiency.

How to do Speed and Agility Training?

Firstly, start with 15 minutes of cardio to warm the muscles and assist prevent injury and pressures. Secondly, each workout for the set number of repetitions, ensuring to repeat the exercise on both sides of the body when essential.

Do the entire workout 2 to 3 times through before extending thoroughly.

15 Single Leg Lateral Hops (on each leg).

15 Squat Jumps.

15 Single Leg Ventral Hops (on each leg).

15 Burpees.

15 Lateral Jumps.

15 Jumping Lunges (rotating).

15 Agility Dots (each leg).

15 Mountain Climbers.

Cool Down & Stretch.

Above all, do this exercises and training workout 2-3 times through 3 times a week, beginning a couple of months before the season if possible. Most certainly, listen to what your body is telling you. 

In addition, always stretch thoroughly after exercising to prevent injuries and stress. For instance, this is especially true for athletes who use a vast array of movements in a large variety of dynamic and erratic situations.