Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp

Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp

Egan's Fit Body Bootcamp

Our names are Egan & Marcia Inoue, and we’re the owners of Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp with four locations in and around Honolulu. Weight loss seems impossible sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s why our bootcamp is a tight knit community.

  • it’s about family and working together
  • holding one another accountable.

Our quick 30 minute workouts fit into your lifestyle, and our no-dieting meal plans teach you how to live healthier.

In the three years since opening Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp, we’ve helped over 2,000 people just like you reach their goals, and as your committed Honolulu personal trainers, we’ll do everything we can to help you see success too, and be at your best.

We guarantee that you’ll see great results, and we know you’ll have a great time too.

Join our family and see what we’re all about!